Bei einem "Detective_Auftrag" gibt es die Tasse gratis dazu, mit verschiedenen selbst fotographierten "Sujet" aus der Schweiz - auch möglich bei mir dies zu bestellen. 

 Ueber das "online Shop Portal" oder telefonisch auch möglich (25 sfr.)/Tasse!

Auch über twint zu bezahlen möglich oder über online banking oder bar bezahlen!

Drinktasse Detective mit verschiedenen Sujet

Artikelnummer: 364215375135191
CHF 25.00Preis
1 Gram
  • This drink cup *Detective" is free available in case of a customer order.

    All pictures are made with my camera and all fotos are from some places from Switzerland. Only the "Pinocchio" is not made by myself.

    All pictures you can have in this drink cup "Detective" and a part of "souvenirs" from Switzerland.

    Thanks for your understanding. It's all available from this shop "online"booking or by phone/

    If you want to buy this Drink cup (like this) you pay 25 sfr./wight 325 g and if you want this in a packet form it will cost your a bit more than this, because of the "delivery of the Post services."

    Guarantee for Quality!

    PostPac Economy 7.-- sfr./bis 1 kg/PostPac Priority 9.--/Swiss Express "Mond" 16.-- sfr. (Stand jetzt)

    to pay it's possible by "twint" or "online banking" or creditcard or bar.



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